Phillips 66 Gateway to replace BizLink in early 2023!

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What is Phillips 66 Gateway?

Phillips 66 Gateway is your new online tool for managing your business with Phillips 66. Gateway is modern and flexible with a state-of-the-art technical foundation that allows us to grow and innovate together. Gateway provides you with the same business-critical functionality in an updated, intuitive digital experience!

Below you’ll find tips for preparing your business for the transition to Phillips 66 Gateway.

What will you need to do?

We thank you for your business and want you to be ready for our new journey to Phillips 66 Gateway.

Step one: Prepare

Be on the lookout for Phillips 66 Gateway information on BizLink and from your transition team at your company (ceo, current BizLink enroller and IT team).

Plan ahead to minimize business disruption! If you leverage BizLink’s webservice or FTP for data delivery, be sure you review our new integration offerings below and schedule a technical consultation with us!

Step two: Activate

In early March, each company’s transition team will activate their account and then extend access to others within the company.

Technical teams will prepare integration connections. See information below.

BizLink’s phased laydown begins in April. Ensure users are activated and using Phillips 66 Gateway in March.

Step three: Accelerate

Go! Once you're active on Phillips 66 Gateway, you can leverage modern tools to help power your business ahead through 24/7 access to business-critical data and self-service support!

Ensure you are subscribed to email notifications to fit your role. For example, Phillips 66 Gateway offer daily invoice summary emails, terminal outage notifications and much more!

Stay informed of key laydown dates. BizLink will retire in June 2023.

Data Delivery from Phillips 66 Gateway:

Gateway offers three modern data delivery integration options for seamless back-office connection.

The transition to Phillips 66 Gateway looks different for everyone. Customers leveraging BizLink's FTP or webservice need to begin integration planning now.

Not sure what integration path to take? We can help! Schedule an IT consultation with our technical team to see which option fits your business best.

Gateway's Data Delivery Integrations:

API: NEW! Our REST APIs allow you make the request for your data, which is delivered to your back office in JSON format, a language-agnostic file that is readable by human and machine.

SFTP: With an added layer of security, SFTP is the updated FTP option. Data is encrypted using secure shell, uses port 22, and the user and server are authenticated.

DTN: Current DTN subscribers will seamlessly transition to Phillips 66 Gateway. Our team has worked with DTN to ensure a smooth cutover.

Why Use Integrations?

Simply put, integrations deliver your data directly into your back-office. Integrations are beneficial for larger marketers with many sites simply due to the volume of data. However, smaller marketers can also leverage integrations to see time saving benefits as well. You can manually download data directly from Phillips 66 Gateway, even if integrations are in place.