Frequently Asked Questions

Secure data delivery? Absolutely.

With Phillips 66 Gateway, it's easy to do business through various data delivery methods. Modern, REST API integrations are simple, secure, and provide the data and information you need to make smart, efficient decisions for your business. Users of DTN will still have the option to subscribe to DTN services in Phillips 66 Gateway. FTP users will transition to the methods listed or modernize to our new SFTP option. We will work closely with your business to transition and test the new APIs. Upcoming Phillips 66 Gateway communications will include integration planning details and resources.

More questions?

Here are just a few more ways it helps you.
When does my company get access to Phillips 66 Gateway?

In early 2023, designated admins from each company will be provisioned access to Phillips 66 Gateway. Be on the lookout for requests from the Phillips 66 Gateway team requesting an admin contact later this year. We ask that at least one admin is designated for each company. The admin will be responsible for provisioning additional users.

How do I access Phillips 66 Gateway?

Each customer account will have an identified admin, much like your BizLink enroller today. The admin will activate their account and then add additional users and/or admins. Admins can customize user access based on business needs, such as whether they should access invoices, pricing, supply, etc. Additionally, admins can provide access to one or many ship tos without displaying sold to data.

Who should access Phillips 66 Gateway?

Access to Phillips 66 Gateway is permitted at the discretion of the identified admin. Admins can create additional admins to the account, which allow for that user to create new users. Phillips 66 Gateway is secure and permissions can be tailored to the needs of the new user. User access can be adjust and/or deleted after creation.

What if I forget my password?

Phillips 66 Gateway makes it easy to reset your password. Each user can reset their password from the login screen. The password reset process will trigger an email to the user and provide instructions for completing the reset.